5 Fun Braces-Friendly Holiday Treats

With the holiday season here, your kids are looking to indulge in some sweet holiday treats.

Unfortunately, when your child has braces, some of the traditional treats can cause more harm than good. Hard candies can damage your child’s braces, and sticky treats can become caught and hard to remove. The good news is, is that there are plenty of holiday treats that you can make for your child to help them satisfy their sweet tooth and join in on the holiday fun.

Holiday Recipes Safe for Braces

When creating the perfect holiday treat that is safe for your child’s braces, focus on ingredients that incorporate soft foods. Peanut butter, chocolate, gelatin-based treats, and dairy products are all safe options that won’t cause damage to braces. Some other treats you can make for your child include:

  • Strawberry Santas – These treats are simple and tasty and actually incorporate healthy ingredients good for your child’s dental health. Start by cutting the top of the strawberry and then add some whip cream to the flattened surface which will be your Santa’s beard. Use chocolate sprinkles for eyes and then add some more whip cream to the top to create Santa’s hat.
  • Marshmallow Snowman – You start your marshmallow snowmen off by melting some white chocolate in the microwave. Next, add three marshmallows to a wooden skewer to create your snowman body. Roll the marshmallows in the white chocolate coating while still warm and press chocolate chips in to create the snowman’s eyes and buttons. Finish it off with a bit of carrot for a nose.
  • Reindeer Cheese – For this savory treat all you need is a yellow bell pepper, soft cheese, cherry tomato, and olives. Cut the bell pepper into strips to create the antlers and push it into the soft cheese triangle. Next, add pieces of olive for the eyes and a tomato for the nose.

The holidays can be hard for children with braces, but by incorporating some of the above treats, you can get them into the festive spirit. Always remember that no matter how brace-friendly the treat is, your child will need to properly clean their braces and teeth after eating them. Proper dental hygiene and the right snacks can provide a happy holiday for all.